Iron Curtain Innocence

by Bobb Trimble



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1 - Glass Menagerie Fantasies
2 - Night at the Asylum
3 - When the Raven Calls
4 - Your Little Pawn
5 - One Mile From Heaven (short version)
6 - Killed by the Hands of an Unknown Rock Starr
7 - Through My Eyes (Hopeless as Hell: D.O.A.)
8 - One Mile From Heaven (long version)
9 - Glass Menagerie Fantasies (Demo Version)
10 - Night at the Asylum (demo version)
11 - When The Raven Calls (Demo Version)

“Maybe you don't know it yet, but (IF you buy these Bobb Trimble albums) you have just been handed the key to a secret realm, an alternate rock n' roll universe of dark despair, fragile hope, and gossamer beauty, a haunting personal soundworld that will always stay with you, within you...”
– Aquarius Records mailorder

“One of the most bewitching and genuinely outside broadcasts in modern private press history, the twin set of LPs cut by New England resident Bobb Trimble in the early 80s remain unclassifiable in terms of virtually anything else going on in or outside of the decade in which they were cut... Trimble was a visionary and arranger on a scale with Skip Spence, Brian Wilson and Blonde On Blonde-era Dylan... Highly recommended”
– David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue

"A delicate, unsettling dip into a boiling pool of subconscious imagery and otherworldly pixie vocalism. The best tracks cause ripples in the time/space continuum. Bobb Trimble's first album appeared like a ghost that had slipped through reality's curtain. Impossible to place inside any rational context, the music and voices seem to have been created inside your head and indeed, maybe they were."
– Byron Coley [album sticker notes]

“['Iron Curtain Innocence' and 'Harvest of Dreams' are] easily among the most intriguing rediscoveries of the decade, and necessary listening for anyone fascinated by the brink of human emotions, and subsequently accustomed to meeting music on the musician’s oftentimes peculiar terms”
– Doug Mosurock, Dusted Reviews

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released December 9, 1980



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Bobb Trimble Massachusetts

"[Harvest of Dreams is] rated by most as the best psych LP of the 1980s. One of those obscurities (like Fraction) that blows even non-psych fans away... the total impact is like walking around in one of Bobb's dreams. Melancholic, moving but also hopeful - an essential experience." - Patrick Lundborg, 'The Acid Archives: A Guide to Underground Sounds 1965-1982' ... more

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